Luke Glover




Knird (Pronounced Nerd) was an academic project in which I had to conceive a fictional bottled water visual identity.

Initially, my primary focus was developing a purely aesthetic conception of my fictional brand, but when researching the bottled water industry further I discovered the negative consequences the entire industry has on the environment.

I discovered how wasteful and damaging bottled water is towards the environment. The use of one life plastics will indefinitely pollute the environment if disposed of incorrectly.

I decided that I wanted to not only design and create a brand identity, but to also design and create products and services which were environmentally friendly and more economical for the consumer.

I designed a reusable, lightweight, and portable stainless steel water bottle which you purchase once. When you have your container, you can use the Knird Machine to refill your bottle. 

There are many benefits to customers using the Water bottle and Knird machine. The Knird machine offers naturally filtered mineral water at a third of the cost of a regular bottle of water. It also provides healthy and natural flavourings to make your water more interesting.

This process reduces a tremendous amount of waste due to the lack of plastic bottles, and it's more cost effective.