Luke Glover



Current Role


As the In-house designer for the Lionsgate UK, my role is to support all departments across the business in designing and producing creative materials. Being the only designer in the UK office I have demonstrated the ability to self-manage projects whilst meeting various time-sensitive deadlines with a high level of detail. The role requires working both autonomously and collaboratively, requiring me to effectively use my communication skills to keep stakeholders up to date throughout the duration of multiple projects. 

My main responsibilities include:

  • Working with marketing teams to design a variety of digital assets for online advertising.
  • Creating and editing Trailers with visual effects for a variety of platforms.
  • Partnering with a variety of online platforms to produce artwork adapted for their platform (Netflix, iTunes, Amazon, Google etc.)
  • Creating or adapting highly detailed product packaging for DVD sleeves.
  • Maintaining and updating the Lionsgate UK website.
  • Other responsibilities include producing print ads, press releases, product mock-ups such as shop standees, presentations and the completion of creative ad-hoc tasks, all of which often have short deadlines which require fast turnarounds.

Marketing Assets


Working with the marketing team, I help to design and produce a variety of both print and digital assets to support our marketing campaigns. Below you will find a mixed collection of creative assets produced for some of our recent campaigns. 


Video Content


Below are some examples of video content I have produced for a variety of different platforms, these include assets created for instagram stories, online trailers, rich social media posts and promotional animations. 


Product Design


Working with project managers I help create a variety of products or product mock-ups. This includes creating or adapting highly detailed product packaging for DVD sleeves, producing mock-ups of our products such a Blu-Ray packaging or producing mock-ups of shop standees for clients.