Luke Glover

The Anthropocene


The Anthropocene


The Anthropocene is an interactive children's book which aims to raise awareness of humanities impact on the environment. The book takes you on a journey through earth's past, present and potential future, showing the impact humanity has had on the earth throughout time. 

'Anthropocene' is a proposed epoch that begun when human activity started to have a significant impact on the Earth 250 years ago. The book explores past epochs and the future of the Anthropocene.


Creating the Anthropocene was a research-driven process which exhausted multiple explorations until the most effective and successful solution was found.

The process involved a vast amounts of research and experiments including illustration, exhibition design, publishing, film and animation, workshops and interviews with authors and educators.

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After exploring a variety of methods to educate children about complex environmental issues, I discovered the most impactful way would be through a publication.

I began by transforming complex environmental issues into digestible stories for children, quickly producing prototypes of books and testing them on users. These experiments indicated that visuals were the most successful way to communicate to young children. Creating a purely visual story would also allow the book to connect to a global audience, spreading the message further.

Final Product

After multiple iterations and designs, the final book was a visual journey through time which incorporated augmented reality. Testing the book on different groups of children informed the final product and its format.

The book aimed to teach children about the consequences of man's impact on the environment, the feedback from the final product indicates the book was successful in achieving this.

The book allows users to scan the pages of the book with a free app, bringing the animations to life. The interactive element allowed for a richer experience for the users and helped to further explain the narrative.