Luke Glover
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The Environment Keeps Happening to Me



The Environment Keeps
Happening to Me


TEKHTM (The Environment Keeps Happening to Me) was a project exploring physical and social architectures in 2015, using a site-specific location: The National Maritime Museum, Greenwich. 

The aim was to create a short intervention to be performed within the specific space at the end of the project.

The museum offered a diverse selection of different marine-related topics. A subject that had little attention was the environmental effects of pollution in the ocean. There was a small exhibition hidden behind the cafe which spoke about ocean pollution, but it felt as if the museum did not want to draw attention to this topic. 

We designed a collection of different interventions which were performance-based to start more conversations about the damage we are causing our oceans. The video above shows the various inventions we performed at the museum and the impact our performances had.