Luke Glover



The Hidden Power of Branding

Branding and Advertising coat our modern lives in every direction we look. Billboards, buses, taxis, online, and even on people's clothing, all trying to sell us their product or service. 

Companies are not just attempting to sell their products; they are trying to sell us an idea. Not only are you buying a product, but you are accepting the brand and their beliefs and telling the world that you are happy to represent this brand.


These were visual experiments which was tested on consumers.


Though there is nothing wrong with this, I am concerned with the process in which companies choose to communicate these ideas to us. I want people to make conscious choices about what they wish to purchase, and to see if they agree with the companies principles. People should not be manipulated or deceived to get them to buy a product or service. 

The aim of my project is to make people conscious of the effects of branding and to make choices for the right reasons. I achieved this by creating an installation filled with products that I had manipulated to show certain companies real intentions or beliefs.